Vivien C. Yu

A newcomer to Rozas Ward, Vivien’s focus is on healthcare and commercial projects. She’s been featured in Arch Daily, Newsweek and Healthcare Design Magazine. Over the course of her career, Vivien has had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects in the finance, education, healthcare and hospitality industries. She has also worked on a number of notable public projects, including the New Orleans Holocaust Memorial at the Riverwalk.

Vivien believes inspiration is the key to project success. She finds the entire process of producing architecture exciting — to see an initial concept develop into construction documents and then to be constructed. She especially appreciates getting to see people enjoying and using the spaces she’s helped design.  

A native of Mobile, Alabama, Vivien enjoys participating in the NOLA Revit user group, and more active pursuits including jogging and skiing. She is active in her community, attending neighborhood community meetings and events, but she also enjoys traveling to see examples of great architecture.