Louisiana State University Healthcare and Architecture Studio

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Noam Platt and Nathan Arceneaux – founding partners of Louisiana State University Healthcare and Architecture Studio

As young architecture students at Louisiana State University, we felt the need to shake things up and tailor a curriculum to our interests. The Architecture and Healthcare classes started as a collaboration between the LSU School of Architecture and the LSU Health Sciences Center. The first semester involved studying the surgical skills lab at LSUHSC New Orleans ( a Rozas Ward project) and utilizing the knowledge we obtained to design a similar lab for the LSUHSC Shreveport campus. With the help of a local architect, the project was seen to completion and now serves as the lab used by medical students. The second semester involved studying the Guidelines for the Design and Construction of Hospitals and Outpatient Facilities to better understand the complexity of a medical architect’s responsibilities. We then worked backwards—looking at an existing medical building and peeling away the layers to create a functional program for the facility. As our senior capstone project, we were allowed to pursue our medical architecture passion and complete a comprehensive design for an ambulatory surgical center. The project was based on an actual facility that Rozas Ward was to design. After graduation, we felt that Rozas Ward was the place we needed to be to further nurture our interest in Healthcare design. 

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