Azadeh Raoufi

Azadeh grew up in Iran where she attended the University of Guilan before coming to the US, where she attended the Tulane School of Architecture. She has a total of three degrees including Bachelor of Architectural Engineering and a Masters of Architectural Engineering and Architectural Research and Design. 

She worked for ten years in Iran before coming to the US where she learned architectural skills like planning, organization, teamworking, communication, adaptability, and critical thinking. It was here where she engaged with various types of architectural designs such as multi-functional complexes, residential buildings, tourist complexes, and sports centers. Azadeh is very interested in contributing to every project where she can help to enhance sustainable design and environmental concerns.

Azadeh began painting, creating new things, and making models in her childhood. However, it was in her childhood seeing homeless people that shaped her desire to become an architect in order to design comfortable spaces for people to live. Outside of architecture, Azadeh loves to travel, meet new people, get to know different cultures, and experience new atmospheres. She loves to spend quality time with family watching movies, visiting museums, and sightseeing.