Giulia Irwin

Architect, Interior Designer

Giulia was born and raised in Metairie, Louisiana before heading to the University of Southern Mississippi for her B.S. in Interior Design and then on to the University of Minnesota for her Master's in Architecture. Giulia received 5 years of experience in facilities management and 3 years in commercial architecture and interior design before joining the healthcare team here at Rozas Ward.

Giulia is passionate about the way architecture and interior design is a collaborative effort across specialties that can affect the human experience by changing even the smallest of details. She believes that communication and thoughtful design are key to addressing client needs and producing innovative, efficient, and beautiful spaces.

Giulia's interest in the built environment can be traced back to childhood summers spent in Minnesota with her grandparents where she built forts out of lumber, branches, and rope and decorated them with tree stumps and wildflowers with her grandfather. Outside of the office, Giulia enjoys spending time with her nieces and nephews and two dogs, traveling, and DIY projects at her home.