Noam Platt, EDAC


A native of Shreveport, Noam specializes in healthcare projects. Prior to joining the Rozas Ward team, he began his career at one of the leading healthcare design firms in the country, earning an EDAC certification and unique insight into the patient experience.

A Herman Miller Design scholar at the Healthcare Design Convention, Noam’s philosophy is that technology is changing the way design and planning is implemented. Rapid, realistic, digital mock-ups of spaces and facilities are easier and more cost effective than ever. He is excited about how this improves the finished product, and believes that in the next five years most buildings will be walked-through in 3D or augmented virtual reality before physical work has begun.

An avid fencer, Noam teaches fencing to young children in the NOLA area. He also enjoys getting on the water to see the breathtaking beauty of the swamps and marshes of Louisiana. Film and glass plate photography are also interests he pursues in his free time.